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Aloe Vera (5x2ml)


Your own private army against all types of skin damage Immediately balances out all traces of dryness and tight-feeling skin. Has an intensively soothing effect, as well as promoting the...

Amber Peeling


What it is: A gentle facial peeling scrub with real Amber Extracts for all skin types. Ideal for sensitive, dry skin types.   Why it works: Amber Extracts and Apricot...

Cleansing Miracle


What it is: Our favourite foaming gel cleanser that easily foams away impurities. Suitable for all skin types.   Why it works: This daily cleansing gel preserves the natural protective film on...

Clear & Pure Cream


Pore-refining cream for blemished and oily skin.

Crystal (5x2ml)


Purity and firming Crystal beauty ampoules have a firming effect and can immediately erase signs of ageing. Derived from the field of gemstone therapy, the active ingredient extract consists of...

Derma Pro Enzymatic Peel


What it is: A natural enzyme peel made from Papaya Enzymes to smooth & clarify the skin's complexion. Suitable for all skin types. Why it works: This weekly enzyme scrub...

Derma Scrub


Especially mild facial peeling with fine diatomaceous earth. Vegan

Gray Silver Mask


Detoxifying mask with bamboo activated charcoal and silver.

Hemp & Olive (5x2ml)


Relaxing care for sensitive skin Hemp oil is a complete beauty miracle giving you a flawless complexion. It cares the skin smooth and supple even with sensitive and dry skin. Olive oil...

Matt 2 Go (5x2ml)


Mattifying and pore-refining ampoule Tea tree oil has an antibacterial effect, refines pores and is anti-inflammatory. Prevents peeling of the top layer of skin. Australian finger lime extract smooths the...

Milk & Honey (5x2ml)


Powerful treatment for skin impurities An anti-bacterial, cooling ampoule that helps to alleviate impurities and redness. Natural yet especially intensive treatment for all symptoms of impure skin. Inflammation is lastingly...

Primrose Oil (5x2ml)


An intensively conditioning and nourishing ampoule for dry, sensitive skin with a tendency to impurities. Helps the skin restore lipids, retain moisture and soothe itself. Gives the skin greater elasticity...

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