About us


At Arcaya, we understand that every skin type is unique, and your skin deserves nothing but the best. That's why we've crafted a collection of exquisite high-end beauty products that cater to your individual need.

Vision and Mission

At Arcaya, our vision is to revolutionize the beauty industry by championing the power of self-expression. We believe that luxury is not just about products; it's about empowering women to confidently embrace their unique beauty, celebrating their individuality with every application.

We're on a mission to redefine the standards of beauty by offering a curated collection of mid to high-end products that blend opulence with innovation. Our vision is to inspire and enable every woman to radiate confidence, all while indulging in the luxury experience we provide.

Arcaya Meaning

The word "Arcaya" stands for the "Secret of Beauty"

Our Product

Arcaya has a certified quality management system according to ISO 9001: 2015 for trade in cosmetic articles. Arcaya only use first-class, secure raw materials and pay attention to organic quality and fair trade. All products are subject to the strict test criteria of the EU.

The best possible dosage ensures optimum effectiveness. Many of our products only contain vegan ingredients. Arcaya Cosmetics also does not conduct any animal tests and does not commission such tests. We refrain from applying "without animal testing" because this is unfair because it is advertising that is taken for granted.

All of our products are approved and sold worldwide. The effectiveness of the active ingredients is confirmed by in vitro and in vivo tests (regular use).

Registered in the EU as a cosmetic product in accordance with Cosmetic Directive 76/768 / EEC.

Manufactured according to GMP standards. Microbiologically tested.