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Milk & Honey (5x2ml)


Powerful treatment for skin impurities An anti-bacterial, cooling ampoule that helps to alleviate impurities and redness. Natural yet especially intensive treatment for all symptoms of impure skin. Inflammation is lastingly...

Oxygen (5x2ml)


Unveiling of youthful freshness Increases supply of oxygen to the skin promotes the formation of new cells. Ideal for pale, greyish skin or skin under stress from environmental influences. Smoothing...

SOS Extreme (5x2ml)


Instant calming of the skin Instant relief for nervous skin, diffuse redness and couperose. Turbo beauty ampoule with an instant effect on redness, irritations, facial couperose and allergic skin reactions....

Energy Active (5x2ml)


Moisture Flash & Energy Booster For a breathtaking look before special performances and afterwards. This super high-tech ampoule recharges the skin’s natural batteries. The skin is instantly hydrated and immediately...

Eye Sensitive (5x2ml)


Express eye care Relieves puffiness, reduces dark circles and redness, soothes strain caused by contact lens use. Fast-acting eye care that immediately leaves the skin around the eye area looking...

Matt 2 Go (5x2ml)


Mattifying and pore-refining ampoule Tea tree oil has an antibacterial effect, refines pores and is anti-inflammatory. Prevents peeling of the top layer of skin. Australian finger lime extract smooths the...