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Eye Sensitive (5x2ml)


Express eye care Relieves puffiness, reduces dark circles and redness, soothes strain caused by contact lens use. Fast-acting eye care that immediately leaves the skin around the eye area looking...

Beauty Day (5x2ml)


A burst of freshness and protection for the skin For a radiant and perfect experience and fresh-looking skin. This effective active ingredient concentrate gives any type of skin a visible burst...

ResQ10 (5x2ml)


Cell-protecting coenzyme Q10 for a perfect complexion Visible smoothing and nourishment for mature, dry and stressed skin. Highly concentrated luxury ampoule for a perfect complexion and targeted anti-ageing. Can visibly increase...

Jasmine (5x2ml)


Nutrient-rich plant power for your skin & soul Ampoule treatment for skin that looks and feels perfectly flawless. Nourishing jasmine oil harmonizes the skin, restoring natural balance and stimulating immune...

Retinol Avocado (5x2ml)


Targeted cell regeneration The perfect solution for dry and scaly skin, large pores, acne and skin in need of strengthening. Beauty ampoule with pure Vitamin A-retinol with special cell regeneration...

Stem Cell Actives (5x2ml)


Regeneration & new elasticity This strong ampoule concentrate offers an all-new combination of regenerative elements and stem cell extracts from the alpine rose. The bio-active stem cells of the alpine...

White Vision (5x2ml)


Lightening, regenerating and beautifying – for a flawless complexion Precious active ingredient ampoule with whitening effect for hyperpigmentation, age spots and pigmentation marks. With simultaneous regeneration effect. Precious active ingredient ampoule...

Super Sensitive (5x2ml)


The perfect balance of calming down and cellular regeneration Deep anti-stress treatment with an intensively balancing and soothing effect for nervous, irritable skin. Unique biological anti-stress treatment: intensively balancing and soothing ampoule for...

Primrose Oil (5x2ml)


An intensively conditioning and nourishing ampoule for dry, sensitive skin with a tendency to impurities. Helps the skin restore lipids, retain moisture and soothe itself. Gives the skin greater elasticity...

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