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What Skincare Do We Cover?

We get asked this question quite a bit. arcaya UK offers a 'one stop shop' solution for all from mobile therapists, schools and colleges right through to Harley Street salons and clinics. Click below to find out what products we have as part of our range. If you are looking to become a stockist please contact us for more information.

Starters (Cleansers, Tonics, Scrubs etc)
The basis for healthy, well cared-for skin is thorough cleansing with the right products. The arcaya Starters series offers a coordinated two-phase cleansing system with products ranging from tonic to an exfoliator for targeted in-depth cleansing. The complexion is cleansed and refined. The skin can breathe again and is ideally prepared to absorb the nourishing active ingredients in subsequent products.
Our skin creams offer concentrated care for every skin type and need. Environmental hazards, stress, UV rays, cold and heat - all have a negative impact on our skin. Thanks to their high level of effectiveness, our daytime and nighttime creams provide the ideal balance to these daily stresses. Lightweight, richer textures leave skin feeling and looking its best.
Masks help to supply the skin with more intensive nourishment when needed. With long term use, they can also help to make it stronger and more supple. arcaya offers a selection of highly concentrated active ingredient masks for a healthy, radiant complexion.
arcaya serums are masterpieces of modern cosmetics, harnessing the latest scientific findings to improve the skin’s natural beauty. The unique combination of natural and medical ingredients makes it possible to achieve especially intensive skin care results.
Sometimes your skin needs a little extra love. Ampoule concentrates deliver this extra dose of care in a more intensive, more targeted manner. arcaya is the specialist for active ingredient ampoules, with an extensive selection for every skin need.The intensive effect is noticeable right away, even after the first usage.
screenage: Blue Light & Pollution Blocker Why does the skin need a blue light and particulate pollution filter? Computers, tablets and smartphones – these devices are all proven to emit blue light. Blue light causes oxidative stress to the skin, leading to premature skin aging and fine lines. Particulate pollution is a common cause of redness and impurities in the skin. These active substances provide targeted DNA, UV and blue light protection as well as an anti-pollution effect: • Butterfly bush extract (Buddleja officinalis flower extract) • Moringa tree extract (Moringa oleifera seed extract) • Edelweiss stem cell extract for intensive rejuvenation and anti-pigmentation effect As part of its exclusive screenage line, arcaya has developed various products to protect all areas of the facial skin – including the sensitive eye area – from blue light, UV light and particulate pollution.